The Lambahoany, a malagasy traditional wear

The lambahoany is a Malagasy traditional accessory that can be worn with traditional hairstyles in daily life and on special occasions. Generally, women wear it under the armpits or at the waist. To wear it is very popular in the coastal areas of Madagascar. Men also wear lambahoany. For example, on the east side of the island, men wear it by tying it to the waist and shirtless. This is a way of dressing during traditional ceremonies. In western Madagascar, the age factor is also decisive on the way to wear the lambahoany. In fact, young men wear it as a scarf with shorts and shirtless, whereas the older ones carry it on the waist.

The lambahoany is a panel of Malagasy identity cloth. The fabric has existed in Madagascar, before 1904. The lambahoany can be compared to African wax fabrics. But the difference is that landscapes, characters, stories and scenes of life are drawn on this particular fabric. Apart from that, what makes it so extraordinary is the beautiful quote, or Malagasy proverb referring to beliefs and realities in Madagascar which is inscribed on. Thus, the lambahoany is not just a piece of fabric, but it also relates a whole culture, a whole story and a Malagasy way of thinking.


Currently, the fabric remains timeless and even becomes a fashion accessory. It is also a way to unveil and recall the Malagasy identity culture. As far as we are concerned, this is the best article you should have as a souvenir. Indeed, you can wear it by tying it at the hip and around the armpits. You can bring your personal touch by putting on heels or other accessories. You can even wear it on your head or neck, you can invent your own fashion.



To remember your extraordinary experience in Madagascar, why not dress your wall with a beautiful lambahoany representing the landscape of your choice and a quote that speaks to you. You can still go far in your imagination by decorating your sofa with lambahoany cushions. This pretty fabric could also make your dining room original by using it as a tablecloth. What you need is just to be creative and you’ll see that it’s the perfect souvenir from the red island. For a while, a Malagasy brand has even turned the lambahoany into a fashionable accessory to make trendy clothes!

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