The famous whale festival on Sainte-Marie Island

Next month on an island, at the end of the world, will take place the whales festival. It’s an event not to be missed because it happens once a year in this paradisiactropical island. This time, Nosy Borahawill celebrate this festival from July 11 to 14, 2019. This blessed island, with the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, attracts humpback whalesto breed and raise their babies. Every winter, they migrate southern from July to September and go back to Antarctica afterwards.

The festival is not only created for a purely touristdimension, but also for a cultural and environmental dimension. In fact, all actors of the event will be focused on one thematic: “Humpback whales protection”. A part from that, with the participation of the local population, the program will be well varied. Animations,paradesand the big carnivalwill be on the menu.

Moreover, you will not regret to Visit Sainte-Marie Island, a very appreciated place. The beauty of nature reminds of a paradisiac tropical postcard, especially its lush vegetation, seabed, lagoons, coral construction, an exceptional landscape and diverse touristic sites.

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