Language is the way to communicate with people and helps us to understand them as well. Language is a part of society; we use it in different ways. As far as Madagascar concerns, the island has a variety of languages because each region has its particularity but here are some usual terms that can be understood by everyone wherever you go.

So we encourage you to speak even some of these expression. you will see, it will immediately attract local people sympathy.

Tourist visa :

Tourists wishing to stay in Madagascar must take a visa (short stay)

Visa valid from 0 to 30 days = 31 euros

Visa valid from 31 to 60 days = 39 euros

Visa valid from 60 to 90 days = 54 euros

For more information, please visit the websites of the Embassy of the Republic of Madagascar and Air Madagascar


The health:

Madagascar is not a country at risk, but as it is said, prevention is better than cure.

Recommended vaccines: Hepatitis A – Hepatitis B – Typhoid fever – Anti-malaria – rabies vaccine (in case of bite)

  • To stay in good health :

Avoid raw vegetables, over-bleeding meats, peeled fruit, crumbs in small gargotes, always wash your hands before eating,

  • Provide a small basic pharmacy:

Doliprane, paracetamol, …

Vitamins type ALVITYL®


Gastric bandage

An anti-emetic


  • Some rules :

Do not show your wealth around you

Respect the customs of the country and the prohibitions (fady), this is the second point Very important in Madagascar.

Avoid going out in the evenings and at night alone and on foot in big cities, always bring the identity paper


Communication with the Malagasy :

The mother tongue is Malagasy, French is the second language. A part of the population also speaks English, you will not have trouble making you understand all along your circuit.