It’s the ideal land of escapade for adventurers and history buffs. In fact, the history and its natural richness are captivating. Despite of the dry landscape, the biodiversity at the Isalo national park is particularly diverse: birds, reptiles, amphibians, lemurs, aloes, euphorbia, pachypods, etc.

In the heart of Jurassic-era highlands of the country’s southwest, it offers a spectacular sandstone massif. Collection of plateaus, canyons, gorges and pinnacles are the wonders sculptured by erosion and weather. What is also dazzling is the rainbow color of the rock formation colored by iron and mineral deposits. The main attraction for Isalo’s visitors is hiking.

Apart from this dry side, you will probably be welcomed by lemurs or harmless snakes when you enter in the dense forest! The site gives a refreshing moment through the small streams, nymphs waterfall and the “blue pool” where you can take a dip. You can also see another pool called “black pool” with a frozen water.

For history buffs and nature lovers, as we said, the best trail is the “Canyon des Makis et des rats”. You will discover natural wonders and cultural heritage of the Bara people. You will be surprised to see a ruin of royal village, the rest of a palace walls, the royal bath and burial places. For hikers who want to immerse in the Isalo’s Jurassic decor, they should take Portuguese Cave route.

We can’t talk about Isalo without raising the fascinating window of Isalo. This natural sculpture opening in the rock gives the best view at the sunset. The sun shines through this natural window, a truly sunset spectacle! We shouldn’t also miss the Queen of Isalo which is a rock formation and have a look like a sitting queen.