Two ring-tailed lemurs


The first thing in mind when we are talking about Madagascar is the beautiful and unique lemurs it has. Coming at the Island without seeing these atypical monkeys is not like visiting Madagascar. National Parks, natural reserves and the rainforest are the places where you can find them. These fascinating animals are precisely prosimian primates: they aren’t definitely monkeys nor apes like chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans.

Madagascar is the only place in the world where you can see the lemur’s wildlife. There are more than 100 species of lemurs in this country. Some of them are nocturnal, some are diurnal. Lemur sizes vary between Hairy-eared dwarf lemur about 13 centimeter and the Diademed Sifaka about 1 meter. There are three amazing facts you should know about lemurs. The first is about Indri Indri which is also called Babakoto in Malagasy. One of the largest and the most remarkable singer in the animal world. They can hear each over at a distance of 4km. One of these specificities is also their monogamous side.

Indri Indri


The second fact is about the smelling message of Maki Catta. This kind of lemur use odoriferous marks in order to delimitate territory. They are often famous for their meditation posture: arms apart, the lemur warms its odorant glands and stimulates them to better be able to deposit its odors after. The third fact relates to the hypertrophied finger of Aye-Aye. They are the weirdest of all lemurs. They only move at night in the great Malagasy forest. As it has developed specialized incisors, it shreds easily the upper layers of trunks to capture insect and take fruits. Thanks to its hypertrophied third finger, it can access hidden foods like xylophagous larvae in the wood.

             Aye- Aye                                                                      Minnie mouse lemur


Here are three best places to spot lemurs in Madagascar. The Ranomafana National Park which offers one of the best opportunities to see the rare golden bamboo lemurs. The rainforest of Ranomafana homes another 11 species of lemur including the Red-bellied lemur and the Greater dwarf lemur. A number of these primate are also found at the National Parc of Isalo. Here, we are talking about the ring-tailed lemur which is the pin-up for lemurs across the world. This specie is incredibly sociable and highly adaptable to a vast array of the country’s habitats. You also discover there Verreaux’s sifaka and Red-fronted lemur. At the third place, the famous Indri is can be found at the Andasibe National Parc. You will be satisfied there if you want listen to the penetrating calls of Babakoto.