Baobabs are among the hardiest trees on the planet. They can contain 500m3 of wood and live more than 2,000 years! Baobabs are called “the roots of heaven” by malagasy people. These trees have a deep signification for them. It is also considered as the “Reniala which means literally “mother of forest”. In fact, this majestic and sacred tree has no equal either in Madagascar or elsewhere.

There are eight baobab species in the world and six of them are here. Morondava, Mahajanga, Toliara, Ankarafantsika park, Kirindy Mitea et Vohibisa are the places where we can find these “ecological gems”. But we can say that Morondava is the best place to appreciate them because the baobab alley gathers the most species in the World.

Scientifically speaking, baobab is a complete plant because of its multiple virtues such as it leaves that people use to cure infectious diseases. The fruits which contain high nutrients are used for healthy foods. Moreover, its oil is a valuable ingredient in cosmetic field. Last but not the least, its trunk is filled of water so that it can easily grow in a very harsh condition.

The avenue of baobab includes about a dozen of giant trees.The whole creates a beautiful and unique view in the world so that this natural monument is one of the most visited and the most photographed in the earth.

Many of these baobab trees are over 25 meters high and more than 800 years. The baobab alley is located in West of Madagascar, 19km from Morondava and covers an area of 320 ha. The majestic trees border the dirt road between Morondava and Belo-Tsiribihina.

Another thing which catches attention is definitely the spectacular view that it offers at dawn and dusk. Coming there in the afternoon is the best moment if you want to enjoy the exceptional sunset setting. On the spot, one of the outstanding endemic baobabs in Madagascar is found in Morondava, which called “Adansonia grandidieri”. But we can also distinguish two other particular baobab trees there. In fact, you can discover the mythic sacred baobab where local people come to give offering and honor their ancestors. Then, there is also the baobab lovers which bring fair chance to couple according to belief.